Common Questions

A couple walking togetherDo I need to bring all my glasses and contacts with me?

Yes, all glasses and contacts. Bring your contact lens prescription or box in with you that you are currently wearing.

Do I need to bring a list of medications with me for my appointment?

Yes, including any vitamins you are currently taking.

How long does it take for my appointment?

Typically 1-1½ hours for complete exams. Children’s eyes take longer at times to dilate which will make the wait time longer. By downloading and completing the paperwork ahead of time you can generally reduce your appointment time significantly.

Does my medical insurance cover a routine exam with an ophthalmologist?

Some insurance companies do. Please check with your insurance company to find out.

If I have an HMO insurance do I need a referral?


Should I wear my contacts in for my appointment?

Yes, unless you are experiencing redness or pain.

Will I walk out after my exam with a contact lens prescription?

Generally yes, however it does depend on the physician’s examination as well as the evaluation of your contact fit and power

Can I drive when my eyes are dilated?

All dilated patients are given dark glasses to wear outside to make their vision more comfortable for driving. Some patients prefer to bring a driver if they think they are unsure after dilation. It really depends on the individual.

Does Center Optical accept my insurance?

We accept VSP, EyeMed, Superior Vision and National Vision Administrators. We will be glad to help determine your individual benefits when you stop by the optical shop.

If I am a new patient should I try to get past medical eye records from my previous physician?

Yes, it is always a good idea to bring copies of your past ophthalmic history to your appointment.